The apparatus training at Pi is a fully comprehensive training programme. It is an in-depth study of all of the classical material as developed by Joseph Pilates.


Learn how to integrate, navigate and challenge your client effectively at every level. Through a series of 5 modules you will explore all the exercises on all the apparatus.

  • Module 1: How to Introduce clients: INTRO – mat, reformer, cadillac, high chair and endings

  • Module 2: How to progress clients : PROGRESSION 1 – mat, reformer, cadillac, wunda chair, high chair, endings

  • Module 3: How to continue to progress clients: PROGRESSION 2 – mat, cadillac, wunda chair, barrels, magic circle, endings

  • Module 4: Continued progression PROGRESSION 3 – mat, wunda chair, barrels, magic circle, case studies

  • Module 5: How to challenge and deepen clients: PROGRESSION PLUS – mat, reformer, pedi-pole

By the final module you will be able to teach a private or group class all the way through from the client’s first session up to any level, and be skilled to handle injury and chronic weakness and multi level teaching.

Cost: £6834

A 600 hour apprenticeship to include a mix of observation, self-practice and teaching.

  • Attend 2 sessions per week

  • Complete and pass the written and practical evaluations at 100 hours, 300 hours, 400 hours and a final exam at the end of the apprenticeship, which is usually 600 hours.

An average time frame to completion for new teachers is 6 to 9 months.

The number of hours is representative of the time required to gain the practical knowledge and experience to deliver our Pilates programme to clients safely, confidently and competently.

Pre reqs:

  • Complete the Intro to Mat or the Full Comprehensive Primer Workshop.*

  • Competency in your own workout to an intermediate/progression level on the reformer (names, orders, spring setting. Usually this requires a minimum of 25 to 30 private sessions with a classical teacher.

  • Read ‘Return to Life and Anatomy of Movement’ by Blandine Calais Germain Pilates

*This is a prerequisite for those wishing to embark on the Fully Comprehensive Training Programme and who have not taken the Intro to Mat.  It is a one day workshop geared to familiarising you with our unique teaching formula, the bedrock for simplified teaching and fast client results.  It is essential that you have taken either the Intro to Mat or this workshop, so we can move straight into the fully comprehensive training.

The Pi approach is Classical and 360°.

I loved every minute of the Full Comprehensive Training Programme! It was an intense learning experience but the programme gave me the confidence and equipped me with all the information needed to start my journey as a Classical Pilates teacher.
— Sophia Moore