The Pi Pilates Comprehensive Certification is a five-part modular training program that is designed to deliver the highest quality authentic Pilates education. It is a Pilates professional education and covers the Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, High Chair, Small Barrel, Spine Corrector, Ladder Barrel, Pedipole and Magic Circle.


The Pi Pilates Comprehensive Certification is a Classical Pilates education program distinguished by Holly Murray, who, having trained first-hand with Romana Kryzanowska in 2002, continued to work closely with Bob Liekens and has studied closely the archival material.  It really is a training connected first-hand to Joseph Pilates himself and his protege Romana Kryzanowska.

The three-level approach, is taught over five modules.  The five modules cover how to introduce clients to The Method (Intro Level), how to progress clients (Progression Level) and how to challenge clients (Challenge Level).  The Pi Pilates Comprehensive Certification allows you to progress at your own pace. Each module will teach you how to level up your clients through the integration of the exercises and the correct use of the apparatus.  We take care to ensure that you understand the Pilates method to be a 360-degree approach, not just a linear one. It is the integration of the exercises and the apparatus that allows the beauty and strength of The Method to shine.  As Eve Gentry (pilates Elder) said ‘you can know all the exercises in The Method and still not know how to teach The Method’ .

Prerequisites and Commitment

To earn The Pi Pilates Full Comprehensive Certification, you must complete all the modules, log 600 hours apprenticeship and receive passing scores on all assessments.

There is a high degree of standard in order to be accepted onto the training.  This is to ensure you are not out of your depth as the program progresses.

We suggest a minimum number of 30 private/group sessions or be able to take yourself through a progression/intermediate workout on your own.  You should know the transitions, names of exercises, springs and order for the reformer repertoire to a progression/intermediate level.

You will need to attend a review of your workout  in person or send in a video prior to acceptance.  We are not looking at how well you execute the exercises, but rather have you enough discipline to be able to develop the work both physically and mentally. 

Learning Modules

Module 1- How to effectively introduce The Method to clients:

Prerequisites: Be able to work out to a progression/intermediate level and completed Intro to Mat or the Full Comprehensive Primer.

Intro Level introduces students to Mr Pilates and his history and that of The Method, its principles, and concepts.  In this first weekend, you will learn how to integrate exercises and apparatus to a client who has never worked out in a Pilates Studio before so they get to experience a full studio workout.

The Apparatus on Module 1 includes The Reformer, The Cadillac, The High Chair, and the Mat.  You will learn to use the studio and your time effectively so that your client experiences The Method as an integrated system.  You will be introduced to best practice teaching though the Exercise Road Map which allows for direct, fast and ease of learning for your client.  Also, you will begin to explore the Power House Actions as coined by Romana Kryzanowska, what she meant by them, and how to implement them through increasingly complex cuing.  

Once the Intro Module is completed you will begin a 600-hours apprenticeship to include observation, self practice, taking classes and practice teaching.

Modules 2, 3 and 4 - How to progress your clients through The Method:

Progression Level:  There are over 1000 exercises in the Pilates Method, knowing how to pick and choose and what to give next is a skill.

Throughout the three modules of Progression, you are guided through how to best move your client first out of the Intro Level and into the vast pool of exercises that is considered to be Progression.  This level is at least two years worth of work and up to a lifetime's worth for you and your client, which is why the bulk of the training program rests here.  

On The Pi Pilates Comprehensive Certification training program you will learn how to navigate this vast array of material in a systematic, integrated and dynamic way.  We will give you guidelines on how best to teach (use cuing, voice and touch) and utilise your time effectively for each session with our unique session formatting system. You will gain insight into how to approach The Method creatively and intuitively (understanding the links and threads between exercises and apparatus)  enabling you to make decisions to best suit each individual client. 

By the end of the three Progression modules you will have covered all the exercises to a progression level on the mat and reformer, have completed all but the most complex of exercises exercises on the cadillac, high chair, wunda chair, ladder barrel, small barrel, spine corrector and magic circle.  You will understand how exercises on one piece of apparatus relate to another and how to challenge or support your client through this use and understanding.

You will also explore how you work with injury, acute and chronic, and Special Cases.

Module 5 - How to challenge your clients

Progression Plus Level is the Challenge level and is the final piece.  It is the completion of the full repertoire of the Mat, and up to advanced/challenge level on the Reformer along with the most complex and challenging exercises on the other apparatus. You will learn how to challenge and move your client dynamically through the breath and rhythm of the exercises, whilst simultaneously adding complex cueing.

The completion of  this programme will result in a solid foundation from which to develop.  As the Black Belts in Karate say - “now I am a black belt, I am an expert beginner”.  You will be an expert beginner, with a lifetime's worth of material to play with, integrate and study.  The goal of The Pi Pilates Comprehensive Certification is to ensure you leave confident, curious and inspired and ready to inspire others.  


We  ensure deep and thorough learning through regular assessments at each level and a final assessment at the completion of 600 hours apprenticeship:

Assessment 1:  Post 100 hours apprenticeship.

Written - Anatomy Based

Practical - Teach an Intro Session.

Assessment 2:  Post 300 hours apprenticeship. 

Written - Q&A and a Case.

Practical - Teach a full Progression Session.

Assessment 3:  Post 400 hours apprenticeship. 

Written - 2x Cases

Practical - Teach a Challenge/Progression Plus  Session.

Final Assessment 4 and Completion of Certification: Post 600 hours apprenticeship

Written - Q&A 

Practical - Multi Level Teaching

The Pi approach is Classical and 360°.

I loved every minute of the Full Comprehensive Training Programme! It was an intense learning experience but the programme gave me the confidence and equipped me with all the information needed to start my journey as a Classical Pilates teacher.
— Sophia Moore