Our sister company, The Pi Academy is well established and world renowned, with many of our graduates going on to set up their own studios or run successful pilates classes.




The Matwork training programme is designed to take you through the full Classical Matwork order that Joseph Pilates created. Through a series of 3 modules you will learn to teach it with an organised flow and rhythm designed to give a full body workout.



The apparatus training at Pi is a Full Comprehensive Training Programme. It is an in-depth study of all of the classical material as developed by Joseph Pilates. Through a series of 5 modules you will explore all the exercises on all the apparatus.



If you are already a pilates teacher this is the most effective way to upgrade, refresh and often simplify your teaching and join the Full Comprehensive Training Program. Through a series of 5 modules you will explore all the exercises on all the apparatus.

I can truly say it is the BEST investment I have made for my career as an instructor. Re-training at Pi Studio provided me with a professional and friendly setting to acquire the amazing Classical Pilates teaching components and to attain a deeper understanding of how Pilates should be taught. I am particularly pleased to now have the label of “classically trained” and could never go back to teaching Pilates the way I did before my Classical Pilates training…
— Karine Satamian - PlayPilates, Switzerland


Our founder and lead teacher trainer, Holly Murray, studied with Romana Kryzanowska, a direct protégé of Joseph Pilates. Over the years Holly has been fortunate enough to work closely with Bob Liekens, developing one of the most thorough and genuine Classical Pilates teacher training programmes in the world.