Seeking more flow in your life?

That state of consciousness where you feel at your best and perform at your best. Then you need flow triggers that give rise to it.   Arse over tit, funnily enough is one such trigger into flow.  Poly axial rotation as it more expertly phrased, implies legs overhead and rotating, think of snowboarders launching of a pike.  This movement floods the brain with reward neurochemistry, dopamine, we feel better. It is a powerful challenge to our vestibular system and proprioception, where am I in space? - vestibular, where are my arms and legs in relationship to my torso? - proprioception. You literally start firing and wiring two additional senses and dramatically upsize your own awareness feed. The novelty of a non-ordinary body position - ie not standing, sitting,  walking or running gravity bound,  but for a moment legs overhead defies gravity and takes down the part of the brain that houses our internal critic, and for a moment we are free. 

Taking yourself arse over tit you literally start’s rewiring new neural pathways. 

Pilates studio London Movement

Luckily for us,  if you practice Pilates regularly, you don't have to fear gravity and broken bones of a snowboarder, you can hack the state in a Short Spine, backbends and inversions of the ladder barrel, suspensions of the Cadillac etc. 

Don't make your session about fixing, make your session about getting more flow, start rewiring the firing in your brain, and the maybe just maybe the fixing happens anyway.


Of course for any of this to happen it takes practice, showing up and playing the game.


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