How we train our bodies, directly informs our brains and these two together directly inform our hearts and minds. Training needs to move away from jocks in a gym and body beautiful muscle bound images.


What does it mean to exercise or be fit?  

The reality is, it doesn’t matter what we look like, how young or old, the shape of your body or what we look like in Lululemon tights.  We are built to move, and when we move more consciously and deliberately we actually improve the neural networks in our brain. We should be sensing, thinking, feeling and receiving  on all channels and guess what we get to have whole lot more fun when we do.

Two hours in flow, I can create tremendous things
— Richard Branson


Join the movement, and take a Deeper Dive and get more flow in your life.

Mind Gym is an exploration of how to get more Flow in your life.

Diving into the latest neuroscience and unlocking ancient wisdoms to develop trainings and practices to unleash a state of FLOW in your life.

Flow is a non-ordinary state of consciousness in which we feel our best and perform at our best, this state is available to each of us.  Whilst in the altered state of Flow our regular habits, physiology and neurobiology are disrupted boosting creativity, problem solving and performance. It is a state in which we experience outside and beyond ourselves;  the sense of time disappears.  


Before you dive, a heap of gratitude is bestowed on the amazing folks at the Flow Genome Project; Jamie Wheal and Steven Kotler thank you FGP and inspiring me to Flow.  FGP have lead the way and open sourced optimised potential for us all.