Blow your ecstatic perception with your breath.

If we don't breathe we die, in 3 minutes.  Anything that we do that shapes our respiratory system is extremely potent.  A breath training opens up new pathways in the brain, by hacking breath you affect your own neurochemistry and open up in to a lot of information you don't usually have access to.

Basically by varying the rate, rhythm, and depth of your breath, you change the nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide in your bloodstream.  By changing the chemical balance you can up regulate, down regulate and bliss out your nervous system.   If say you are feeling sleepy, a few strong inhales and exhales gets you going. Or, if you are going to do something super intense you can down regulate your nervous system.  **My personal favourite, space out your nervous system - bliss state!  produced by hyperventilating combined with breath holding.   You are actually turning the bloodstream alkaline and flooding your brain with  DMT, your own personal psychedelic - known as the spirit molecule, enjoy the ride.  You step out feeling cleansed, clear headed and energised. I I have noticed when I practice this breath cycle in the evening with  candles and quite, geeky I know, the next day I wake up feeling vibrant and alive and new.

Basically the power of the breath is always present to help shift our mental states.

Breath to help to sleep:  inhale for 4 counts, hold the breath for  7 counts and exhale for 8 counts. Calms the nervous system, and done for 8 to 10 rounds at night when you wake up has a strong potential to send you right back into sleep state.

Breath to energise and connect. The Pilates 100 exercises:  Inhale for 5 counts, exhale for 5 with vigorous arm movement.  Energies/upregulates the nervous system, gets the body ready for action.  

Box Breathing: perfect way to improve breath regulation and calm nervous system see previous blog.

Vim Hoff: Cleansing and healing the nervous system.  

**My choice preferred choice.  Vim Hoff: breath training. Give this ago.  

Follow the instructions to this link.  Use headphones, make sure you have auto-play off, and lie down.   

Notes on the enhancing the practice.  At the end of the final round exhale, hold your breath for as long as possible, even go into a swallow action, then take a final inhale, again hold your breath for as long as possible, finally  and then exhale release, enjoy the ride. You should arrive at your own personal self induced bliss state. Deeply relaxing, receptive and rewarding.

Like I said the next day yields mental and physical comfort, a positive emotional outlook, enhanced health and well-being, and improved biometrics.

Let me know how it pans out!


Blog by Holly Murray

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